Curves Fashion Week

Hello Young World!
A few weeks ago I was on Tumblr when I came across a post about Curves Fashion Week. When I saw the post I assumed that the event was going to be held somewhere other than Atlanta. However as I kept reading I learned that the event was held here in Atlanta!(Yaaaaayyy!!!) So I immediately began scanning the whole internet and sending emails to find out more information. The PR rep responded back with me very quickly and I was granted media access to the Independent Fashion Designers showcase. My curvy compadre Kim (kayelleknows) and I charged up our Nikons and headed to the show. This was my first fashion event! (That's the reason why it took my almost a month to do this post. My editing skills are on a novice level) The event was very nice! It's one of the best fashion shows I've been to Atlanta (other than the ones I've produced :-])Here are my favorite looks from the designers that were featured in the show:

I'm here!!

Hello young world!
I hope you still love me... Or kinda like me... I've been low key working on a few projects and trying to figure out what and how I wanted to do my blog.  Of course I'm still working on those things but I wanted to give you a few outfit pictures from my birthday.