Hello young world!
I've been searching for maxi dresses since last fall.  They are everywhere! However, the problem is I'm 6 feet tall so most dresses aren't very maxi.  They usually stop above my ankle and I really dont like that.  I've been looking for dresses that sweep the floor or at least come to my ankles.  Anyway, I was with a few of my besties in Target this past friday night and I lucked up and found a tank maxi dress.  It was a size 4 (At Target I'm usually a size 3 or 2) but I tried it on anyway and it worked out well for me.  Best of all it was long enough!! I'm soo excited about this dress.  I went to another Target on the search for another one but I didnt find anything. 

Dress: Pure Energy (Target)
Sandals: Bakers
Bracelet: Forever 21
Earrings: My Friend made them for meFashion_4reak
I had on a ring but it broke so I couldn't add it to this post.

There are a couple of other maxi dresses that I have my eye on.  They are mainly from ASOS.  When I'm looking for maxi dresses I always look for 58" and above.  That way I know that the dress will come to my ankles.  Here are a few dresses I plan to buy...
Bandeau Cheesecloth Maxi (49.2 from middle of back to hem)

ASOS Curve Tank Maxi Dress (58 in)

ASOS Curve Tank Maxi (58 in)

Dorothy Perkins Neutral Stripe Maxi Dress (142 cm=55.9in)
 I'm still looking for Maxi's in maxed out lengths.  If anybody knows of any other retailers that sell long maxi dresses please let me know.  As always, thanks for tuning in! God Bless... Good night...*drops mic*

OOTD: HERcules! HERcules!!

Hello young world...
I really apologize for the lack of action on here.  I've had a lot going on along with a crappy internet connection at my new apartment.  I moved to a new apartment a couple of weeks ago so I'm getting settled in.  Only have 2 boxes to unpack! Whoooo! Anyway, minus the BS [and being broke] life's great! (I love Young Jeezy).  I took pics in a couple of other outfits but I will post those pics in my next post which will be a "playing catch-up" post. 

Today I got the chance to wear my new sandals I bought a couple of weeks ago from Bakers.  They put me in the mind frame of some Grecian type sandals.  I think they are cute with this outfit but I think they'll be even cuter with a really long maxi dress or some a top and some jeans. I really looooove sandals and I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair.  So far I've been able to find really cute ones at Bakers.   Anyway here are the pics...

Top- Target
Denim Shorts- I forgot where I got then from but they were some denim gauchos that I cut up and made a cuff
Bracelet- Forever 21
Earrings- Torrid

Where do you find sandals?  What kind of sandals are your favorite?  Talk to me!! :-)
I'm getting some new internet hopefully tomorrow so I will be able to give you all more updates soon...