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 This past weekend was crazy in Atlanta. The BET Hip Hop Awards was here as well as the HBCU Football Classic. I wanted to get fancy and go out but because of all the rappers and entertainers in town this weekend I knew all the groupies were going to be out and the club owners were going to be charging $100 plus a limb to get into the club. Plus, I'm just over the whole club scene anyway. Luckily, my old manager just so happen to call me wanting to go to a lounge. It's soo sad but for me to be from Atlanta I literally have NO idea what goes on and where everybody likes to go on Saturdays. Anyway, my co-worker suggested we go to BarOne so I made reservations and that's where we went. If you watch Housewives of Atlanta then you know that BarOne is owned by Cynthia Bailey's husband, Peter Thomas. He's soooo handsome in person! He was actually there celebrating his birthday. Ok enough of the rambling here's what I wore:

ChicksxKicks: Reeboks

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Recently, Reebok teamed up with a few fabulous young ladies to design their own version of the Reebok classics for women. This collaboration includes two female entrepreneurs: Simone Amelia a.k.a. Boss Lady, Lifestyle Manager of online urban retailer DrJays.com and Fashion designer Melody Ehsani.  These ladies designed their own versions of the Reebok Betwixt.

Boss Lady was inspired by her favorite cartoon heroine, Princess Jasmine, in the design of her version of the Betwixt.  The shoe design incorporates animal prints and gold chains.

Curves Fashion Week

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A few weeks ago I was on Tumblr when I came across a post about Curves Fashion Week. When I saw the post I assumed that the event was going to be held somewhere other than Atlanta. However as I kept reading I learned that the event was held here in Atlanta!(Yaaaaayyy!!!) So I immediately began scanning the whole internet and sending emails to find out more information. The PR rep responded back with me very quickly and I was granted media access to the Independent Fashion Designers showcase. My curvy compadre Kim (kayelleknows) and I charged up our Nikons and headed to the show. This was my first fashion event! (That's the reason why it took my almost a month to do this post. My editing skills are on a novice level) The event was very nice! It's one of the best fashion shows I've been to Atlanta (other than the ones I've produced :-])Here are my favorite looks from the designers that were featured in the show:

I'm here!!

Hello young world!
I hope you still love me... Or kinda like me... I've been low key working on a few projects and trying to figure out what and how I wanted to do my blog.  Of course I'm still working on those things but I wanted to give you a few outfit pictures from my birthday.

Love YOU some YOU!

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I recently read two articles from two plus size fashion blogs that I follow about confidence (Diary of a Fatshionista and Frantic Dreams). It's kinda inspiring to hear other women's stories about their confidence and how they gained it. Unlike those beautiful ladies, I don't have lots of people emailing me about how I became so fabulous.  However, I did feel inspired to discuss that topic because it comes up alot in conversations that I have with other women.  So with that being said I decided to share my story...
Now my story is very much like everyone else's... I was always the tallest biggest girl in my classes, I got picked on, called fat, blah blah blah. I didn't really embrace myself until I was a Sophmore in college. I was 19 and was getting over my first real heartbreak.  At some point during that time I decided that it was time that I started loving me.

Wise words from my mommy: "No one will love you like you love you!"

*waves* Hi!!

Hello young world!
Sorry for the lack of posts.... It's not really like I post on a regular basis anyway (bad Tan!).  I really want to start posting regularly so I've been researching and brainstorming about what direction I want to go in.  Independent Fashion Bloggers has been a great help in my research.  If you are a blogger you must read their articles daily!  I learn so much from that site on a daily basis.  There's more to quality blogging then just taking random pictures and writing a paragraph or two about the random pictures.  I hope from now on that I will be giving my faithful few readers quality material :-)

On to some more fun stuff... My summer so far has been amazing! I'm having soo much fun!  I have to admit that I've become an Instagram-aholic so I've been capturing moments of my summer in pictures.

Flyer Learning: Summer Kicks

PhotobucketHello young world!

I'm not a sneaker-head... I swear I'm not.  But I do appreciate fly sneakers.  This summer there will be a lot of dope sneakers dropping and I'm super excited.  I hope to get my hands on a few of them.  To my surprise a few old school labels (Saucony and New Balance) are making a cool comeback.

Brown Girl Beauty: Summer Lips

Hello Young World!!
I'm not usually a make-up wearer however lately I've been into different lip colors.  When I'm looking for lip colors and glosses it's very important to me that it's moisturizing and can last a long time.  Dry lips are not sexy!
My favorite lipgloss right now is the MAC Cremesheen Glass.  It's absolutely perfect!  The colors are fairly sheer with a tint to them. It's long lasting and moisturizing so you can wear it all day every day.  My favorite is Partial to Pink.  Its a really pretty, slightly shimmery, natural pink color.  It also adds a nice touch to pink and nude lipsticks.  I use it so much that over the last three month's I've bought three of them (don't judge me).  Here are the other colors I've bought over the last couple month's.  These will definitely be a part of my summer wardrobe.

  MACCosmetics When I go out (depending on what I have on) I wear the Japanese Spring over Up the Amp.  I bought Star Quality while I was in Miami a few weeks ago and I wore it everyday.
Other than the Cremesheen Glass, I heard that Urban Decay's Lip Junkie line is pretty good.  I'll be trying those next.

What lipcolors are you wearing this Summer?

Thanks for reading!

The creation of The L.I.F.E.Style

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For the last two months or so my team has been working on a special project.  It's entitled The L.I.F.E.Style which means The Look in Influences on Fashion, Entrepreneurship, and Style.  This series will give viewers an in depth look into urban fashion businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and more.  In this first video we had the opportunity to interview and interact with many well known urban brands.

 Here is the first video of the series:

The idea behind The L.I.F.E.Style series is to tap into those things that drive the urban fashion scene.  We will go behind the scenes and interview those people that are responsible for keeping you fresh.  Stay tuned to The AKTion Team TV channel on YouTube  for more...

Thanks for reading!

Chick in Kicks: Wendy Lam of Nitrolicious

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I'm doing a project in my social media marketing class where I have to come up with a social media marketing plan for a brand.  I chose to do MAC cosmetics because as of lately I've been really into their products.  Anyway, as I was researching some of the social influencers for the brand I came across Wendy Lam.  Her blog is Nitrolicious.  As some of you all may know she was one of the bloggers that had the opportunity to create a lip glass for MAC's Blogger Obsession Collection.  While I was on her site researching her work as a blogger I came across this video where she's shopping around New York City. Guess what tho?  She stopped at the Flight Club!! She's a sneaker wearer!  In the video she says she owns over 200 pairs of sneakers... Love at first site! :-)

I have to make my way to Flight Club one day.  Did y'all see those white and green Retro 4's?!!! Need them...
Thanks for reading!

Style Project: KayElle

Hello young world!
I would like you all to meet one of my business partners/besties Kimberly (aka KayElle).  She is a blogger, photographer, Sneaker hoarder, lover of all things cute, all round cool chick.  [ You can visit her blog here].  Kim is also a Tomboy that tends to hide her curves under big shirts and hoodies.  *whispers* She doesn't own very many "girl clothes"! Don't tell her I told you!* Anyway, she works with me and as you all know we had a manager's meeting last week in Baltimore.  I took on the task of getting her dressed for both events.  Here are the pictures:

This is what she wore to the banquetPlus Size Fashion torrid evening dressBrash by Payless Ring Plus Size fashionForever 21 bracelets Plus Size FashionBrash by Payless Glittery Pumps Plus size fashionForever 21 earrings plus size fashion
 Outfit Specs 
Dress: Torrid 
Shoes: Payless 
Jewerly: Forever 21 and Payless 

 We caught a great deal on the dress. It was only $50! Then she was able to get another discount because she applied for the card. Overall the dress was a good deal. Because Kim is smaller at the top I thought it would be nice to put her in something that was one-shouldered. I think the dress looked really good on her. She received several compliments. Yaaaaay me! :-)

 This is what she wore to the trade shows and the meetings

plus size fashionchick in kicks converseplus size fashion bow tiehoundstooth earrings plus size fashion
 Outfit Specs 
Skirt: Ross 
Denim Shirt: Walmart 
Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylors

With this outfit I wanted to keep her in her comfort zone with sneakers but pull her out a little bit by putting her into something more form fitting and show her curves off a tad bit.  

She really loved her outfits and felt good in them.  Let me know what you all think!

Thanks for reading! Make sure you go and check out her blog! KayElleKnows  


Hello young world!
Today was the second day of my business trip which actually included some business.  My day was full of meetings and a really nice trade show.  Last year I wore dark colors to the meeting so this year I decided to wear more colors.  I also wanted to take a chance and mix prints but I kinda chickened out. :-( Maybe next time....

Here's my outfit...

Plus Size Fashion Spring Dresses Style369

Spring plus size fashion

Outfit Specs:
Dress: Style 369
Cardigan: Torrid
Shoes: Bakers

In cased you actually noticed, I'm actually wearing a little make-up.  I've been looking for a really pretty orange lipstick and a friend of my suggested Chili by MAC.  I loooooovvvee this lipstick! It's absolutely perfect!

MAC Cosmetics, Beauty, Plus Size Fashion

Stay tuned for my next post... I styled one of my business partners/homie for our meeting.  Everyone loved her looks and I can't wait to share them with you guys! :-)

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment... Or three... Or 90... :-)

Leopard and Berries

Hello young world!
As you all may know from a previous post, I recently got acquainted with body-con dresses.  I bought this dress a few months ago to wear in Orlando for All-Star weekend however I never got the chance to wear it.  The company that I work for has an annual meeting for the mangers which includes a banquet so I decided to pull out this dress for the occasion.  I initially wanted to wear a royal blue pump with it but after scouring well over 10 stores I could not find a decent pair in my size :-(.  So I settled for these beautiful berry colored H by Halston pumps.

ASOS Curve Leopard Print Body-Con Dress, Plus Size Fashion, Plus size dresses
Bakers H by Halston Niki Pump Plus Size Fashion

Plus Size Fashion Accessories Charolotte Russe

Outfit Specs:
Dress: ASOS
Shoes: H by Halston for Bakers 
Accessories: Charlotte Russe 

 I went with a berry colored pump because I thought it would a different twist on the animal print dress. Usually people pair red pumps with leopard print but I wanted to do something a little different. Let me know what you guys think! :-)

 Thanks for reading!

Spring Obsessions Pt. 1: Wedges

Hello young world!
Youtube has been my BFF!! I'm really learning how to use photoshop and it's pretty exciting.  Now I'm not professional (yet!) however I was able to make my first wishlist/favorites collage.  I decided that I'm going to do a brief series of posts sharing with you guys a few of the spring trends that I am excited about.  The series will be called Spring Obsessions.  Hopefully you all will find these posts useful when you are looking for ideas to help with your spring wardrobe.
The first trend that I'm super excited about is Wedges.  This year all of the wedges I've seen have been really cute! I do not own very many pairs of wedges but after this spring I definitely will be making them apart of my wardrobe.  Here are a few pair that plan to buy:

Here are the sites that you can find these and plenty more wedges:


All of these sites carry 11's and in some cases they carry 12's! :-)

Let me know what you all think!

Thanks for reading :-)

Brown Girl Beauty

Hello Young World!!
I've been meaning to do this post for the longest! *deep sigh* I have to do better.  Anyway, I'm always looking for products that will make my skin beautiful and healthy.  I saw one of Chastity's tweets that said "Your skin is your most valuble accessory" (Maybe not in those exact words but it was close to it).  Since I'm a brown girl, one of my biggest fears is appearing to be "ashy" or having dull skin.  I love my chocolate skin tone so I try my best to keep it glowing.   I've used a number of different products however, the ones that I'm going to show you below are my absolute favorites... For now...

Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Cleansing Pads

I've been blessed to have relatively good skin. I rarely have any acne issues. The only big problem I have with my face is dryness in my "T-Zone" (thats the eyebrows, forehead, and nose). These cleansing pads help with exfoliating the dry skin. One side of the pad is smooth and the other side of it is textured. I fell in love with these pads the first time I used them.

Ambi Even & Clear Daily Moisturizer

I use this moisturizer during the day to help with the dryness. It lasts a long time because a little bit goes a long way.

Carols Daughter Bring in the Moisture Gentle Face Toner

I use this before I put on make-up. I only wear make-up when I'm going out (Which is rare... I told yall I promise to do better).

(from l to r) Pure Shea Butter, Pure Argan Oil, and Vitamin E oil

Now these are the most important products. The shea butter is the best thing that could have happened to my skin. I makes my skin soooo soft! It's not greasy either. For extra moisture during the winter I would mix the pure vitamin E oil to the shea butter. It lasts all day and my skin looks great! OMG I love that stuff. The vitamin E oil is also very good for your lips.
The Argan oil is something new that I'm trying for my face. I don't use it very often. At night when I wash my face I mix the Argan oil and the Shea butter together. In the morning, my face would feel absolutely wonderful. It also gives me a nice glow. To my understanding, Argan is supposed to improve the elasticity and over all condition of your skin. I'm only 26 and I don't have any wrinkles yet but I want to keep from getting them as long as possible.

Well... That's it... If you all have anything other suggestions for skin care products let me know!

Thanks for reading... :-)

DSC_0007 This is just a pic I took when I was playing with my new camera. I didn't realize my skin looked so good! :-)

Spring Anticipation

Hello Young World!
I'm soooo excited! Spring is coming! Spring is coming! I looooovvee spring! Time springs forward today so it's officially about to be spring.  I still haven't had the chance to look through my spring issues to check out all of the spring trends however I have been creating my own trends for spring.  That post will be next... as soon as I figure out how to work Photoshop (I'm learning though :-))
Anyway, here's what I wore today:

plus size fashion ASOS Curveforever 21 bracelet

Outfit Specs
Top: ASOS// Jeggings: Rainbow// Boots and Bangles: Forever 21// Earrings: Mall kiosk

What spring trends are you looking forward to?


Hello young world!
This post has nothing to do with fashion (sorry).  It's about a more serious matter that is going on over in Uganda, Africa.  Please take about 30 minutes to watch this video.  It really moved me so I'm posting this video where ever I can.  Please feel free to share this video with your twitter followers, facebook family, etc.


 Visit Kony2012 for more information

All-Star Mini-Haul

Hello Young World!
This past weekend I was able to take a road trip to Orlando for All-Star Weekend.  I didn't do alot of partying but I had a lot of fun.  We actually did a little shopping at one of the premium outlets and I picked up a few things that I want to show everybody...
DSC_0020 DSC_0017 DSC_0025 DSC_0031 DSC_0032 I didn't get a change to get any pictures of my outfits. :-( I was kind of cute though. :-) I'm sure you all can tell that the quality of my pictures have changed dramatically. That's because I finally bought my DSLR!! Yaaaaayyy!! I'm the proud owner of a Nikon D3000. Now I'm just waiting on my MacBook Pro to get here and I'll be able to fully change the style of my blog! Whoooooo!! Sooo excited :-) Thanks for reading!

My Funny Valentine

Hello Young World!
My best friend was my valentine this year.  He took me to a new restaurant downtown named Truva.  It is a Mediterranean restaurant.  Ok, I'm always up to trying new things, expecially food.  However, this particular time I was disappointed.  I don't know what it was but I just did not like the food.  My bestie didn't like the food either.  It was a great experience though! I tipped a belly dancer! *blushing*
Here's what I wore:

Blazer- Lane Bryant:: Dress-Forever 21:: Pumps- Bakers:: Tights-Spanx

Chicks in Kicks

Hello Young World!!
It's been a long time... I shouldn't have left you... Without a dope blog post to vibe to... :-)
Ok, like I said in my first post, I don't really have a set style regimen. Again, I think fashion is too fun to stick to one style. Unlike a lot of fashion bloggers I am a sneaker wearer. Now don't get me wrong... I'm faaaaaaaarrr from a sneaker head. Sneaker heads are apart of a large underground culture. It is a way of life for some people. [not me though] I just love certain sneakers... They must be fly though...
Anyway, on Twitter I came across the following comment:
"Any woman that is 21+ and still wears Jordan's is either hood, can't walk in heels or just plain BASIC"
*Dora blink* Riiiiighhhhtt... Ok, soo.. *Dora Blink*
Let's start from the beginning. The term "basic" is used to describe a less than ordinary woman. Pretty much it's a woman that doesn't have anything going for herself.  It can be heard in many rap songs referring to women that smoke all day, wear lace fronts, stay in the hood, etc, etc.  Now, I usually don't take tweets personally, but this one in particular kind of threw me off.  I am a retro Jordan's wearer however I am no where near "BASIC".  I am a college graduate, I have a car, my own place, blah blah blah.  So that raised the issue with a few of my Team Sneakers and Stilettos members.
Since I've been reading fashion blogs I've noticed that a lot of "high-fashion" blogs kind of look down on sneakers.  The reason for this I will never know or understand.  At what point did it become a bad thing to be a girl and wear sneakers?

There are many female sneaker wearers out there including celebrities.  Here are a few:

Lauren and Cassie are seen here wearing the Jordan Retro 3's "True Blues"

 Kelis is wearing the Cement Retro 3's

And lastly, my favorite picture of my favorite actress wearing a pair of one of my favorite Retro Jordan's....

 Tracee Ellis Ross wearing the Retro 5's... And a $30k Hermes Birkin bag... Yeeaaaa...Basically.

I believe 75% of the reason why I wear sneakers is due to my job.  However, over time I've grown to have a genuine admiration for sneakers.  In my opinion, they are pretty cool.  That doesn't make me "basic" for wearing them.  Fly is Fly.  Why cant the girl in the Retro Jordan's be as fly as the chick in the 5' stilettos?? At the end of the day it's all about style and how you put things together.  Everyone's style is different.  Just respect it for what it is.

Shout out to all the girly girls that own a rack of jordans and sport them like she sports her pumps! [Sorry Wale, I had to put my little spin on that verse... think I did pretty good too...:-)]

With that I'll leave you with a collage of a few pairs of sneakers I own...

I'm really interested in hearing what you all think about sneakers... Let's talk :-)

BODY CON?? Whaaaaaa??!!

Hello Young World!
It's been a loooooonngg time! I'm sooo sorry! :-( But I have plenty to talk about so expect a lot from me over the next for weeks.
Since I've been reading fashion blogs (fatshion blogs in particular) I noticed that bloggers share this love for Body-Con garments.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with what Body-Con is Body-Con is short for Body Conscious.  These types of garments are made out of body hugging material hince the name Body Conscious.  Now, I know that I'm not a curvy girl. My hips aren't wide.  Whether or not I have a booty depends on the day, the position of the sun, the zodiac and what angle you are looking at me.  I honestly don't have a defined shape.  I like to call my shape a cute Potatoe (hehehehehehe).  This is why I shy away from body hugging garments.  I've always thought that they were more so for women with curvier figures.  However, a trip to Miami and Forever 21 has changed my mind.
A good friend of mine invited me to go with her to Miami to celebrate her birthday with her.  Of course I couldn't resist a trip to MIAMI!! Who would?? While we were there she wanted to go to King of Diamonds and she wanted all of us to wear little black dresses. *gasp!* I have plenty of LBD's but they were all...hmmmm, how can I say...None sexy.  They weren't club attire (especially not for KOD).  So I searched the whole internet for a dress and finally decided to take a chance and buy a LBD from Forever 21.  It was cute and not expensive so why not?  Here's the dress:

When I finally got the dress and tried it on I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with it! I really liked the way I looked in the dress! Of course I had to pull out my shapewear to make sure everything was smooth but other than that I thought the dress looked great on me.  When I wore it to KOD I felt soooo sexy and confident.  You could not tell me I wasn't the ish in my dress honey!  I can now say I'm the owner of a Freak'em Dress... Here's me in the dress:

So with all that being said I now have a new found love for Body-Con.  While we were in Miami shopping I bought another body-con dress from Forever 21.  I plan to wear this one when I go to Orlando for All-Star weekend.  I'm going to tone this one down a little and wear it with a blazer and some black pumps.  This dress came in a few different colors in the store but it's not available online.

This is the back of the dress.  If I thought I could get away with it I would wear it like this.

I also bought this dress from ASOS Curve.  I plan to wear this in Orlando too.

Of course I will take pics when I can.  If I'm not able to do a post about them I will definitely post pics to my Instagram (@plusmore), My Tumblr, Style tag (@fatgirlfly), and Pose (@plusmore).

Let me know what you guys think! As always, thanks for reading :-)