Love YOU some YOU!

Hello young world!
I recently read two articles from two plus size fashion blogs that I follow about confidence (Diary of a Fatshionista and Frantic Dreams). It's kinda inspiring to hear other women's stories about their confidence and how they gained it. Unlike those beautiful ladies, I don't have lots of people emailing me about how I became so fabulous.  However, I did feel inspired to discuss that topic because it comes up alot in conversations that I have with other women.  So with that being said I decided to share my story...
Now my story is very much like everyone else's... I was always the tallest biggest girl in my classes, I got picked on, called fat, blah blah blah. I didn't really embrace myself until I was a Sophmore in college. I was 19 and was getting over my first real heartbreak.  At some point during that time I decided that it was time that I started loving me.

Wise words from my mommy: "No one will love you like you love you!"

*waves* Hi!!

Hello young world!
Sorry for the lack of posts.... It's not really like I post on a regular basis anyway (bad Tan!).  I really want to start posting regularly so I've been researching and brainstorming about what direction I want to go in.  Independent Fashion Bloggers has been a great help in my research.  If you are a blogger you must read their articles daily!  I learn so much from that site on a daily basis.  There's more to quality blogging then just taking random pictures and writing a paragraph or two about the random pictures.  I hope from now on that I will be giving my faithful few readers quality material :-)

On to some more fun stuff... My summer so far has been amazing! I'm having soo much fun!  I have to admit that I've become an Instagram-aholic so I've been capturing moments of my summer in pictures.