Flat Out Chic

Hello young world!!
A few posts ago I told you all how I felt uncomfortable in my heels.  So I figured until I loose some weight and become more comfortable with walking in my heels, I need to rack up on some flats.  I usually buy really cute flats from either Bakers or Payless.  However, I made a temporary promise to myself to stay out of Bakers for a minute.  I realize that's pretty much the only place I buy my shoes.  Not to mention when I'm out, I usually can look at a girl's shoes and tell that she got them from Bakers as well as how much they cost. Tisk, Tisk... Anyway here are a few of my favorites (All of them are from Payless):



These are just a few cute ones.  Also check out some of these other websites for more options:
 Do you guys know of any other places to buy cute flats (Size 11 or 12 please?)? Drop me a line!! [Please?]

School Daze

Hello young world!
Classes started last week.  Yea... I'm late as usual.... But I'm pretty excited about the classes I have this semester.  In case you wanted to know, I'm working on a second degree in Management (My first one is in Marketing).  I'm call myself trying to make myself more competitive in the workforce.  Anyway, here's what I wore the first day of class...
BeFunky Cross Process on iPhone

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Ross
Sandals: Bakers
Bracelet: Target
Headband: Lane Bryant

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Hello Young World!
As promised, here are some pics from my birthday trip to Miami.  During the day I wore mostly maxi dresses.  I didn't bring the right jewelry so I didn't take any pics of my outfits during the day because they weren't all that special. 


I got this swimsuit from Style369.  It's not on the website anymore. :-(
Sunnies: Ashley Stewart
Earrings: RYouObsessed


I also got this one from Style369.
Sunnies: Forever 21

BeFunky Original on iPhone

Dress: H&M
Pumps and Bag: Bakers
Bracelet: Forever 21
I've had this dress since like May and I saved it for my birthday.  I bought it from Amanda of Necessary Imperfections

BeFunky Original on iPhone

This was the dress I bought from Ross.  It has pockets and I love the print.  Super comfy! But there is major boobage...


I loooooovvve this earrings and cant wait to wear them! They were a present from one of my besties. Thanks Kiwi!

She gave me those earrings in this box. I love this box! It's gonna be a new jewelry box...


Just a pic of my compadres Kim and Talisa

Thats it for the birthday celebration. Let me know what you guys think! :0)

Miami Haul

Hello Young World!
I love shopping in different cities. For some reason I usually find more things when I'm in another city. We didn't go to as many places as I would have liked to (Spent too much time in traffic trying to get to South Beach) but I was still able to find quite a few things to get my fall wardrobe started. Most of the pieces are just basics. I'm in the process of revamping my closet so lately I've been sticking with items that I know I can wear over and over. I've been buying, what stylists would call, the "Bones" for my closet.

These are the items I bought from Forever 21:










These are the items I bought from Ross:



**There's one more dress I bought from Ross but I had to wash it because I wore it. I'll show the pics in my next post.**

And last but not least, Target!:

BeFunky Original on iPhone

BeFunky Original on iPhone

Ugh! I hate that my phone takes better pics than my camera! I'm definitely gonna look into buying a DSLR very soon... Anyway, that's it for now.  I'll be posting some pics of my outfits and swimsuits later.  Thanks for reading! :-)

Rude Awakening

Hello young world!
Ok, first let me make a disclaimer... This post is completely about me and how I feel about myself. In no way am I condemning anybody or attempting to make anybody feel any kind of way about themselves. These are MY thoughts and feelings about MYSELF.*sigh* Now that I got that out the way I have something to get off my chest. If you are my friend on FB or follow me on Twitter then you know that this weekend I went to Miami to celebrate my birthday. Well Saturday we got dolled up and went to the club. When I go out and I wear heels I usually pack a pair of flats in my clutch because I like to dance and I know that I can't stand in heels very long. For the most part I can usually wear heels for at least an hour and even then I might have to sit down a couple times. This is where the rude awakening comes in... I put my heels on when we got to the club and I barely lasted 20 minutes in them. My ankles started hurting 5 minutes soon after I put them on. *sigh* I kept putting them on and taking one off... It was sooooo embarrassing. At the time I didn't care. I just slipped on my flats and danced the night away. The next day I woke up and my knee and ankles were killing me (I'm sure it wasn't from the dancing because I wasn't dropping it like it was hot at all... I don't think...). Anyway, I came to the conclusion that it more than likely has to do with an accumulation of things. 1. I'm a manager in retail and I am usually on my feet anywhere between 9 to 12 hours a day 2. My weight *sigh*...
Now I'll be the first person to proclaim that I love my body. I am very confident and I love every hump, lump, bump, and dent! :-) However, when it comes to health I feel like it takes even more confidence to be able to step back and say "If my weight is going to make me uncomfortable then I need to do something about it..." My mom has always told me that if there's something about myself that I don't like then I need to change it or deal with it. *deep sigh* So at this point I decided that it may be really time for me to lose a few pounds... For fashion and health sake. I don't think I should compromise my style (and life) because of my weight.  Plus, walking through the airport limping wasn't cute at all...
I haven't weighed myself in a minute but I believe my weight is between 315 and 320 (I have no shame in disclosing my weight because first of all I carry it all very well and second of all I'm 6 feet tall). So when I do arrange my weight loss goals I think I want to lose between 40 and 60 pounds. I don't want to be skinny! Hell nawl!! But I do want to be healthy. I believe that skinny doesn't = healthy. I just want to be comfortable and healthy. I'm getting older and alot of environmental factors has made me become more conscious of my health. I want to live to be 100 so I have to change somethings now...

 BeFunky Instant on iPhone
 In other news... I'm completely BROKE!! (Well not completely but close to it...) But it's ok! Because I had a blast and I bought a lot of cute stuff while I was in Miami.  My next posts are going to be about what I bought and the few outfits that I was able to get a picture in, including my swimsuits. 

OOTD: The sexy Giraffe in the room

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Sooooo... Let me give you a little background about myself that will help you understand the title of this post a little better.  I am a proud amazon woman. I am approximately 6 feet tall.  So that means with heels on I can be anywhere between 6'3 and 6'5.  Anyway, my friend and I went out this past Friday night.  I usually don't realize how tall I am until I get in an environment where people either bring it to my attention or I can look over every one's head.  This particular situation I realized how blessed I am in height when I stepped in the room and was realized everyone was staring at me because I was the tallest person in the room.  No joke... You can ask my friend.  Even with all the men in the room I was still the tallest person there.  I mean no one came close to my height.  Add the fact that I have huge hair and VOILA!! A sight to behold!! {lol} I gotta a little uncomfortable and decided to sit down the rest of the night.  During a random conversation with a New York stranger, I was given the nickname "6'5".  Niiiiiccceee....
With that being said, here's the outfit:

Tunic and Leggings: ASOS
Bangles: Charlotte Russe
Ring: Beauty Supply
Shoes: Unica
Leopard print clutch: Addict Of Fashion
 Ok ok... I know it's against some fashion blogging rules to post pictures taken from your phone but damnit I have an iPhone!! The pics aren't that bad and I have a million apps for photo editing.  I love my phone...
Anyway, as always thanks for reading! Please comment. I would love to hear from other amazon women :-)!

Two fingaz!

StyleRant: African Fashion

Hello young world!
This morning I was going through my Tumblr dashboard and noticed a post about African Fashion. I loved the prints and colors from the posts so I decided to look into it a little more.  I must say I'm floored! African fashion is soooo interesting.  When I'm looking for fashion inspiration, I usually look at style blogs from other countries (usually the U.K.), but I never thought to research Africa.  Now that I think about it, for the last couple of seasons (moreso Spring) designers have drawn inspiration from African culture.
From my research, I learned that African fashion is very popular in other countries other than Africa.  Here are some looks that caught my eye:

The Afropolitan Experience

African Fashion Week

 Here are a few looks from African Designers:

**To find out more about each designer click on the designer's name.**

Overall, I love just about everything I saw from the many African designers that I found.  This weekend the first African Fashion Week premiered in London.  (africafashionweeklondon.com) Because it was just this weekend I couldn't really find alot of information about it but you might want to keep an eye out for it because from what I was able to find the collections were beautiful!

Last but not least I must tell you all about the african fashion blogs that I found. If you are like me that I'm sure you will enjoy these blogs and find all sorts of fashion inspiration for your own wardrobe:
As always thanks for reading! Hope you were inspired! :-)

You're FAR too Kind! [Best Blog Award]

Good evening young world!
I'm super late (as always), but I received the best blog award from Gigi (thanks girl! :0)).  She sent this award to me like a month or so ago and I'm just not getting around to posting it...
Soooo, I hope I'm doing this right... Here goes:

7 things about me:
1. I'm about to be 26 in 2 weeks (8/17)
2. I have four tattoos.
3. I graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Marketing and I'm currently taking classes to get a second degree in Management.
4. As you may can tell from #3 I'm a nerd.
5. I dont have cable.
6.  My car's name is Summer
7.  My hair is natural but I looooovvve weave (As an accessory not a requirement)

I have to give this award to 15 blogs... I dont quite think I'm worthy of giving anybody an award just yet and I can't really think of 15 blogs but here's what I have:
5th Avenue Stranger
Curvy Girls Guide to Style
Return to Sender
Necessary Imperfections
The Fat and Skinny on Fashion

I'm soooo sorry but I really can't think of anymore...

Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Song: The Show by Dougie Fresh and Slick Rick (Reminds me of my uncle RIP Alonzo)
Favorite desertred velvet cake
Biggest Pet Peeve: lack of common sense
When you are upset you, either: Cry or Call my mommy (Dont judge me...)
Favorite Pet: My huge brown crocodile print bag
Black or White???: Black
Biggest Fear: I can't tell you! I'm a LEO and we're not supposed to be scared of anything...
Best Feature: My creativity (It didn't say physical...)
Everyday Attitude: The world is my runway!
What is perfection: An off day... when I'm really OFF
Guilty Pleasure: Sneakers and the Backyardigans

Thanks again to GiGi for giving me this award! And thanks to you for taking time out to read it...

Two Fingas!


Hello young world!
I love the summer time! So far I've had a lot of fun this summer.  However, I still work 46 hours a week so I haven't been able to post as much as I would like.  I've had two OOTD's to do within the last week and I'm just now getting to them.  So this post is a two in one deal.

The first outfit is what I wore to my company's summer employee event at Dave and Busters.  The pictures are provided courtesy of Kay Elle.

Dress: Forever21
Shoes: Payless
Jewelry: Charlotte Russe

The second outfit it what I wore to the Young Jeezy concert.  If you follow me on twitter you know that I looooooovve that man! I'm kind of sad that I waited so late to do the post because I would have called it My Thug Motivation.  Even though I'm no where near thug (hehehehe):

Crop Denim Jacket: Ashley Stewart (DIY)
Tank: Target
Skirt: Forever 21
Sandals: Bakers
Bracelets: Alot of different places (Sorry)
Ring: Beauty Supply

Ok, for some reason I'm not all that excited about what I've been wearing lately.  However, I plan to have a sickening fall line up.  I work in an urban apparel store so I cant really dress up like I want.  I really want to wear more heels and what not.  My plan is to dress up more when I go to school.  Anyway, thanks for reading! :-)