Be thankful...

Hello young world!
I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! I didn't get a chance to shop like I would have liked to but it's ok.  You should have seen me almost in tears erasing all of the sales emails on my phone...*deep sigh* I'm exercising self control...I think... *sobs!*
I had the great opportunity to participate in the Hosea Feed the Hungry.  I had tons of fun with my co-workers.  Aside from that I learned a valuable lesson about Humility.  I guess I'll leave it at that...
I also had a great time with my fam.  We called ourselves playing the Life game but that was a fail.  We hadn't played it in so long! Plus, they changed up the rules to playing the game.  It's too complicated so we gave up... Oh well here are some pics:

My Outfit:

 BeFunky Original on iPhone

Outfit Specs:
Dress: H&M//Belt: Rainbow//Tights: Spanx//Cardigan: Forever 21//Boots: Not sure//Bracelet: Forever 21

This dress was one of the few items I ordered from H&M in the UK.  I really can't wait to order some more items! I'll give more details in another post. 

Thanks for reading!

In a perfect world...

Hello young world!
I was inspired by Amelia of Sound Bites: The Ramblings of Amelia Pontes to write this post.  I'm really a big dreamer and I thought this was a great opportunity to dream on purpose.  Being a real grown up can make you forget about how to dream.  Remember when you had an imagination?  *deep sigh* Those were the days...

Here goes...

In a Perfect World...
1.  Chivalry would be the norm
2.  I would have a husband and 5 little boys that love me dearly
3.  I would have moved to New York City right after I graduated high school
4.  There would be no such thing as disappointment... Only lessons learned...
5.  Love would be taken seriously
6.  The cure to a broken heart would be Reese Cups and Destiny Fullfilled cd
7.  The work day would not start until 11am (I'm sooo not a morning person)
8.  Naps would be required
9.  My grandparents will live forever!
10.  I would be as strong as my mommy
11.  Humility would get you further than arrogance
12.  It would be ok to be 26 and watch shows like the Backyardigans, Curious George, etc...
13.  Trust would exist
14.  It would not have taken 21 years to appreciate my beauty and 24 years to appreciate my body
15.  Miss Piggy would have her own fashion blog
16. My uncle would still be here and instead of writing this post I would be out with him celebrating his 42nd birthday....

***Make sure you go back and read Amelia's Post on her blog! Click Here**

Happy 42nd Birthday Alonzo! I love you and miss you dearly! <3<3<3

Thanks for reading :-)

Like a Boy

Hello young world!
I initially wore this outfit to work but I had on jeans and sneakers. I realized that everything (except for the jeans) was men's clothing. Later that day I went to Kiku's (a Japanese restaurant here in Atlanta) and I decided to switch it up a little. I was going to put on heels but I didn't feel like being bothered with them.  That's really sad because I have a closet full of them but I'm just really unmotivated to wear them.  I'm going to get it together... Anyway, here's the look...

Outfit Specs:
Cardigan: H&M//Button-up shirt: Goodwill// Leggings: Ashley Stewart//Shoes: Steve Madden//Clutch: Thrifted//Bangle: Forever 21//Ring: Dorothy Perkins

As you can see from the pic, I took that hair out... I'm not quite sure what went wrong but I think I murdered that hair! It was a mess after I co-washed it.  That's what I get for watching youtube thinking I can be a hair guru.  I will buy the hair again though.  Next time I'm going to not be cheap and go to the salon and get it washed... Lesson learned...

As always, Thanks for reading! :-)
Two fingaz!


Hello Young World!
I finally had the chance to wear my stripe blazer the other day.  I just paired it with some leggings and a tunic (it was meant to be a dress) from H&M and by thigh high boots from Forever 21 that I bought last year.

Dont judge me!! My best friend and I were in Home Depot looking for firewood for his fireplace.  I gotta get pictures when I can!

That's it for now! Toodles!