Hey young world,
I have a confession... I'm trying my absolute hardest not to over-do or over indulge in the Cape Blazer trend.  Right now I have 2 and one of the way.  That's going to be it for me this season... I promise... I hope...
This cape blazer has been featured a few times on different plus size fashion blogs.  My first time seeing it was on the lovely Marie of The Curvy Fashionista when she wore it to the Thiq Boutique's Fashion Showcase.  I was soooo obsessed with it I had to have it.  You know something is meant for your closet when you can think of at least 10 different ways to wear it.
So far this is my second time wearing it (I couldn't get pictures from the first time I wore it :-( ).  I wore it to my cousin's wedding.

Black Friday Deals: Plus Size Fashion

Hey young world,

Sooooo I'm sure you're either cooking or getting your shopping strategy together in preparation for Black Friday.  Or you could be an extremely talented multi-tasker and you're doing both.  Either way I'm here to help you out! I've been in my emails all day checking to see what deals my favorite fashion retailers have going on.  These are a few of the ones I found:

Too Legit

Hey young world,

A while ago, a good friend referred me to a guy that was starting his own online magazine.  He was looking for someone to write a plus size fashion column in the magazine.  This was during the time I was on a hiatus from blogging but I decided to link up with him to see if he would allow me to be part of his online magazine.  Well, long story short, he accepted me and I've worked with him a few times.
Recently, I did my first video interview with him.  I kept my outfit simple with a few fall fashion trends that I'm excited about: the Cape Blazer and thigh high boots.

Faux the Love of Fur

Hello young world,
Fabulous fur everywhere! And you don't have to worry about some innocent animal losing its life over your need to be chic. Along with suede and leather, fur is a fall fashion staple.  Several plus size retailers are offering great faux fur pieces.  Now personally, in the past, fur was not something that I really cared for.  I used to feel like it was too fancy for me.  Well, lately, the fur styles that I have been seeing are pretty darn cool.  I noticed they can styled with jeans and a tshirt or with an evening dress.  I'm more of a no fuss t-shirt and jeans kind of girl so seeing these options really excited me.  Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

Gotta Have It! Cape Blazers

Hello young world,

Fall is here... Live and in full effect.  It hasn't quite set in for real in Atlanta, though.  One day the highest temperature is 55 degrees then two days later the high is 80 degrees.  That's that good ol' bipolar Georgia weather for you.
For fashion Fall is the probably the most exciting time of the year.  Although I hate the weather, I must admit I absolutely love the fashion options.  One particular trend that I'm really loving is the cape blazer.  I first saw the cape blazer in one of Chasity's outfit posts.  At the time of her post, there weren't many options for cape blazers in plus size.  As it got closer to fall, I started seeing them more.  Here are a few of my favorites:

That's the way it goes...

Hello young world!
Remember me? I surely hope so... If not allow me to re-introduce myself...

I'm Tandrika.  A fashion enthusiast and marketing nerd from Atlanta.  I started this blog back in 2011 (woooow...) to showcase my style and love for fashion.  As you may have noticed I dropped off the face of the earth around 3 years ago (My last post was October 12, 2012).  There were a few things that led to that disappearance.  I have a story to tell... Like to hear it? Here it goes...