Brown Girl Beauty: Summer Lips

Hello Young World!!
I'm not usually a make-up wearer however lately I've been into different lip colors.  When I'm looking for lip colors and glosses it's very important to me that it's moisturizing and can last a long time.  Dry lips are not sexy!
My favorite lipgloss right now is the MAC Cremesheen Glass.  It's absolutely perfect!  The colors are fairly sheer with a tint to them. It's long lasting and moisturizing so you can wear it all day every day.  My favorite is Partial to Pink.  Its a really pretty, slightly shimmery, natural pink color.  It also adds a nice touch to pink and nude lipsticks.  I use it so much that over the last three month's I've bought three of them (don't judge me).  Here are the other colors I've bought over the last couple month's.  These will definitely be a part of my summer wardrobe.

  MACCosmetics When I go out (depending on what I have on) I wear the Japanese Spring over Up the Amp.  I bought Star Quality while I was in Miami a few weeks ago and I wore it everyday.
Other than the Cremesheen Glass, I heard that Urban Decay's Lip Junkie line is pretty good.  I'll be trying those next.

What lipcolors are you wearing this Summer?

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The creation of The L.I.F.E.Style

Hello young world!
For the last two months or so my team has been working on a special project.  It's entitled The L.I.F.E.Style which means The Look in Influences on Fashion, Entrepreneurship, and Style.  This series will give viewers an in depth look into urban fashion businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and more.  In this first video we had the opportunity to interview and interact with many well known urban brands.

 Here is the first video of the series:

The idea behind The L.I.F.E.Style series is to tap into those things that drive the urban fashion scene.  We will go behind the scenes and interview those people that are responsible for keeping you fresh.  Stay tuned to The AKTion Team TV channel on YouTube  for more...

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