OOTD: Playing Catch Up...

Hi People! Here's another OOTD.  I wore this last Friday but I'm just now putting it up.  Sorry for the delay.  Anyway, these are the cargo pants I tweeted about that one of my "clients" bought for me when we were shopping for his outfit for his show.  The pants are actually for men and they are a size 44.  The more I blog about outfits the more you all will see how I shop for men's clothing and dress them up to look more feminine.  Here's the outfit:
Cargo Pants-Not sure of brand but I bought them from DTLR
White Cami-Target
Denim Jacket- Old Navy
Sneakers- Jordan Retro 1's High
Glasses- Kiosk in mall
Door knocker earrings- Beauty Supply
Watch- Baby G-Shock
**I wish I had a dookey rope necklace.  I like to incorporate different hip-hop inspired accessories in some of my outfits.  I think I just realized what my signature is... Wow... LOL! Anyway, I hope you all like it.  If you have any questions about what I have on then let me know.  I will be doing another OOTD tomorrow for my outfit that I wore today.
Two Fingaz!

OOTD: WTH is Business Casual?

Hi everyone!! (Well, actually it's only Hi all 6 since I only have 6 followers hehehehe) Ok, if you follow me on Twitter then last week you know I went out of town for a business trip with [the occupation]. They sent us a last minute email saying that we had to be business casual.  Dont judge me but I really don't know what business casual attire is.  Anyway, needless to say my whole "fly girl" wardrobe choices for the trip had to be re-arranged to something a little more... business-ey.  This is what I wore:
Striped Shirt-Forever 21
Blazer- Lane Bryant
Leggings- Ashley Stewart
Ballet Flats- Bakers
Pearl Earrings- Torrid
Bracelet- Bakers
Pearl beads- Claire's (I think...)
Ray-Ban "Inspired" Glasses- Kiosk in the mall

This is my first OOTD... I have plenty more! It would be a lot easier if I had someone to take the pictures! LOL! Let me know what you think!

Two Fingaz!!

My Favorite Things Pt.1: Eyewear

Sorry it took so long for me to do my second post.  I've been working and doing school assignments, and .... just being lazy.  Anyway, I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite things (fashion wise of course).  Like I told you guys before I really don't go by any specific rules when it comes to fashion.  One thing that I like to incorporate into my daily wardrobe is eyewear.  I particularly like the clear glasses with over-sized frames.  The one's that I have in my collection kind of resemble some of the frames my mom and her friends used to wear back in the eighties. 
These are the Cazal-Inspired Run-DMC glasses.  I used to love them but too many people gota hold of them and weren't wearing them right.

 These remind me of the 70's.  Looks like some glasses my grandfather used to wear.
 I can wear these everyday.  Kind of 70's-ish.
 These are almost cat-eyed.  I've been on a search for some really dope cat-eye glasses.  The only place I've been able to find them is ASOS but they can't ship them to the U.S. :-(

 Ray Ban inspired.
 School girl. Simple.
These are just a few.  Let me know what you guys think!