Boot Camp

Hello Young World!
This past week or so I've been building my fall wardrobe wish list.  Once I get a chance I will be tackling the photo editing software, Gimp, so that I can create my wish lists.  Anyway, today I was off and this is what I wore to school:

P9271029 P9271027

Denim Shirt: Levi's//Tank: Rainbow//Leggings & Belt: Ashley Stewart//Boots: Palladium//Bangles: Charlotte Russe//Earrings: Goodwill

I looooovvve Palladium shoes! I have four pair now.  They're pretty cool.  People in Atlanta really aren't on them like that.  But I've received alot of compliments on these.  Wait til they see my "Jodeci" Palladium boots! [hehehehehehe]

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Jewelry Haul

Hello young world!!
Lately I've been buying alot of jewelry (mainly earrings and bracelets).  I have a tone of jewelry but I was getting tired of it so I decided to update it for the moment.  I rarely buy necklaces because I dont like how they get stuck between my breasts.  It's quite annoying.  Along with the fact even though people may be looking at the necklace, I feel like they are looking at my breasts and I get uncomfortable.  Anyway, here's what I bought:
BeFunky Original on iPhone

These are clip-ons. 

BeFunky Original on iPhone
This is a cocktail ring.

BeFunky Original on iPhone
Dorothy Perkins
This is a cocktail ring.

BeFunky Original on iPhone
Another ring. 

BeFunky Original on iPhone
Dorothy Perkins

BeFunky Original on iPhone
Earrings.  Dorothy Perkins.
BeFunky Original on iPhone
Clip-On Earrings.  Goodwill

BeFunky Original on iPhone
Cuff Bracelet.  Bakers.

BeFunky Original on iPhone

BeFunky Original on iPhone
I am sooooo excited about that cuff from Bakers! It's really different and it's not anything I would usually go for.  I'm trying to find ways to step outside of my own box.
I bought some more jewelry but I didn't update my address on PayPal when I bought them so they were sent to the wrong address (FML).  Hopefully the person that stays at my old apartment will have a kind heart and send the stuff back.  But if not I'm SOL... [insert miserable sobs here]
Anyway, as always thanks for reading!

Cheetah Bow

Hello Young World!!

So you all know from my first outfit post that from time to time I shop in the men's section for clothes.  Nooooo, I'm not a cross dresser! [:-)] Being a plus girl, I can pick out certain things from the men's section that can be made feminine.  Anyway, I found this Blac Label cardigan on the sales rack for $20 (with my discount it came out to like $12) .  I didn't like the logo on the chest so I had my homie, Manolo,  replace it with a cheetah print bow.  Here's a before and after pic of the cardigan:

Pretty cool huh?  Here's the outfit:

P9171007 P9171003 P9171002 P9171001

Jeans: Ashley Stewart
Tank: Target
Bracelet: Bakers
Boots: Palladium
Earrings: Jewerly Vendor at a fashion show

I can't wait to get my camera from Kim! She has a Nikon D3000 that she is going to sell me.  I should have it next month.  She let me play around with it and get use to it and I'm soooo excited.  In the mean time I need to get this Olympus together... Shoutout to by best friend for taking my pics though! Thanks Ashley!!

Ok, soooo I did a research.  I hope no one judges me for this but I'm sure I'm not the only person that gets Leopard and Cheetah prints mixed up.  So I did a little research to find out what the difference between the prints is.  And it's pretty obvious.  Here are some pics:

This is Cheetah Print


Cheetah print has spots around spots.

This is Leopard:

Leopard Print is just... spots...

Please tell me I'm not the only one that would get these prints confused!!

Thanks for reading!

Dear Summer

Dear Summer,
"I know you gone miss me. For we went together like Nike Airs and crisp tees..." ~ Jay-Z

"...Like all things we must come to an end. Please show the same love to my friends.  Dear Summer..."

Mix and Match

Hello young world!

Fashion can be scary.  The more and more I research and endulge in the fashion and style thing I'm learning how to take things in my closet and wear them different ways.  I'm also learning how to deal with the reality that I'm a real grown up and I have bills and I can't go shopping like I would like so it's best that I make the best of the items I have.  Now and days when I do shop, I don't go for trendy pieces.  I'm learning to shop for items that I can wear over and over again.  It feels good to grow in an area that you feel passionately about... Anyway, here's my outfit...
BeFunky Original on iPhone

I wore this off the shoulder top over my black jumpsuit from Forever 21.

Top: Rainbow
Jumpsuit: Forever 21
Ring: Torrid
Bangles: Charlotte Russe and some Jewelry vendor lady in the beauty salon
Earrings: Rainbow (*gasp!!* I knooooowww!)

I'm late with getting my September issues.  I already had my American Bazaar because I have a subscription but I never got around to looking through them.  Today I was off from work so I was able to get to Barnes and Noble to get the rest of my September issues.  When I walked up to the women's interest area of the magazine area and saw these magazines I literally said "WERK!!" out loud.  I'm felt soooo good to see a black woman on the covers of two September issues! Beyonce is doing her thing and I'm soooo happy for her!

Anyway, I'm learning how to use GIMP so that I can make my fall/winter fashion wishlist.  If anybody has any advice PUH-LEEEEAAASE let me know! :-) Thanks!!

Love Your Life

Hello Young World,
Soooo... last week I stood my best friend up [sad face].  So I made it up to him by taking him out this weekend.  We went to the Hudson Grill and Daquiri Factory afterwards.  I had a blast!! The drinks were definitely on point!
Anyway, on to the good stuff... Here is what I wore:

BeFunky Vintage 2 on iPhone

Blazer: Cierra's Closet
T-Shirt: Forever 21
Leggings: ASOS
Flats: Target
Bag: Addict of Fashion
Jewelry: Beauty Suppy, Bakers, and Forever 21

I also had the chance to actually hang out with my sister and brother.  I rarely see them because we all work and go to school.  We had a blast!

BeFunky Original on iPhone

I heart these sexy people! :-)

Well, summer is coming to an end... *deep sigh*. I actually had fun this summer and it actually felt like summer. Now it's time for me to begin building my fall wardrobe.  Where are you guys shopping for your fall wardrobe?