Gotta Have It! Cape Blazers

Hello young world,

Fall is here... Live and in full effect.  It hasn't quite set in for real in Atlanta, though.  One day the highest temperature is 55 degrees then two days later the high is 80 degrees.  That's that good ol' bipolar Georgia weather for you.
For fashion Fall is the probably the most exciting time of the year.  Although I hate the weather, I must admit I absolutely love the fashion options.  One particular trend that I'm really loving is the cape blazer.  I first saw the cape blazer in one of Chasity's outfit posts.  At the time of her post, there weren't many options for cape blazers in plus size.  As it got closer to fall, I started seeing them more.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Lavish Alice Collarless Cape Blazer {[Simply Be]}

Lavish Alice Collarless Cape Blazer {[Simply Be]}

Studio Capelet Jacket {[Eloquii]}

Lucky for me I was able to get my hands on one recently from my good friend Chrystal, Owner of The Thiq Boutique here in Atlanta.  She had a scene in The Curvy Idol competition fashion show, where I was a judge on the panel.  When I saw that beautiful blazer, I KNEW I had to have it! I practically stalked her for it and thankfully no one had snatched it up so I was able to get it from her.

Cape Blazer {[The Thiq Boutique]} Printed Bodysuit {[Boohoo]} Skirt {[NY&Co]} Clutch {[H&M]} Pumps {[ASOS]}
I can't get over how good I felt in this blazer.  I wore it to one of my homeboy's wedding and I received so many compliments on it.  I've only worn it once so far but I'm sure I'm going to wear it a million more times during the fall.
Now I must warn you, although more retailers are carrying the cape blazer in plus sizes, they are  selling pretty quickly.  Hopefully more retailers will have more options soon.  I will keep my eyes peeled for more options and share them on my Facebook page.

So let's talk: How do you feel about cape blazers?  How would you wear it?  I would love to share some style inspiration with y'all...

Until we speak again... *Two Fingaz*

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